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Plotter & Printing 

Plotter & Printing

Plotter Services.png
Photo of the FCSS HP Designjet Studio Plotter 

Printing/Plotter Eligibility

Students Elegibility:

  1. Must be a full-time equivalent degree undergraduate student in the Faculty of Community Services.

  2. Must be printing for an assignment or research project

  3. Must ensure file sizes, and the paper sizes are correct when submitting.

  4. Must have paid the FCSS membership fee to use the plotter.

  5. Cannot print for friends, or for other clubs not under the FCSS umbrella.

  6. Must be able to pick it up on campus (we do not offer shipping services).

Clubs Elegibility:

  1. Must be a recognized student club under the FCSS umbrella to get free printing

  2. Must be in good communiation wih the FCSS 

  3. Shall not use if the club is not under the FCSS umbrella, used to be, inactive, on probationary terms, or terminated. 

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