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Nap Pods

The Faculty of Community Services Society (FCSS) Special Projects Committee is surveying our membership and TMU students at-large to determine whether students believe having nap pods on campus is benefitical to their student experience.

Five Benefits:

  • Book Power Naps on Campus

  • Help students who have night shifts find shutter time before class

  • Ensuring students are ready and energized before classes

  • Help de-stress and relax students before a exam or final project

  • Provide much needed capacity to the nap rooms during exam season.

  • Bed bug resistant materials

Nap Pods Concept Art.png

The Vision:

  • Having an enclosed room with a security camera and a few stacked-style napping pods

  • Students with a certain threshold of hours may utilize the nap pods per week and day.

  • Students have a safe space to nap for the bookable time period.

  • Fostering a holistic student experience.

The Experience:

  • Booking Online is similar to booking a study room.

  • Give your Onecard in to gain the keys to the Nap Pods.

  • The Nap Pods should be wiped down before every use.

  • White noise and calm rain are playing in the background.

  • Nap Pods will be built only for one person per pod, and a security camera will be inside the room.

  • Free for students, seemless, and comfortable

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