The Full Story

The Faculty of Community Services Society was recognized in 2017. The FCSS is a student society building community for over 8,700+ undergraduate students at the Faculty of Community Services at Toronto Metropolitan University. Our mission is to unify students together within the 9 schools at the Faculty of Community Services, enabling them to be heard as one community voice. FCSS is striving to improve the development of mental health, unity, professional development, and academic advocacy in the Community Services student body. A student funded student society will provide opportunities to enrich, and elevate every community services student's undergraduate experience for years to come.

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Our mission is to support and enhance the student experience under the four pillars Academic Advocacy, Unity, Professional Development, and Mental Health. We are creating a platform for cross-program collaboration, opportunities for student social innovation, that are guided by the needs of our student body community.


Our Objective is working to connect over 8,700+ urban health and social-care students within the Faculty of Community Services to create, fund, and build the community we all want to see in our undergraduate studies.



We are Toronto Metropolitan University's Faculty of Community Services Society (FCSS). Formerly the Ryerson Community Services Society (RCSS). We are a student society government of dedicated elected student leaders from across the 9 schools in the Faculty of Community Services (FCS). We are a Board of Directors forming the umbrella organization for FCS. We are a student led, and elected team that is here to ensure the future of student life within FCS remains a unified, connected, and strong community for generations to come.