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2023-2024 Progress

Table of Contents

This progress page outlines the strategic plan points of the FCSS during the Fall 2022 Referednum. This page highlights what has been done, what is currently being worked on, and what has not been worked on.


Nearing Completion  

Has not started yet!

The FCSS is currently making massive strides with the completition of 70.70% of the commitments made in our strategic plan for a period span of five years 2023-2028.

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Unity Progress
  1. Bi-weekly night social events 

  2. Coffee House Events

  3. Communication and Publication

  4. Commuter Events

  5. Dance Club Events

  6. DCC Live!

  7. Event Equipment Loaning for Clubs

  8. Faculty Mascot 

  9. Faculty Merch (Spirit Wear)

  10. Fall Formal

  11. Friendship Bracelet Making 

  12. Initiative Club Funding 

  13. Initiative Fundraisers

  14. Inter-faculty events

  15. International Student Events 

  16. Intramurals (Sports)

  17. Karaoke Events

  18. Mascot Costume 

  19. More Collaborating Course Union Events

  20. More student volunteers roles in FCS

  21. New Student Clubs under FCSS

22. Nightlife Events

23. Online Events

24. Pub Nights

25. Recreational events

26. Silent Disco

27. Smaller activity events

28. Socials

29. Spirit Days

30. Spirit Weeks

31. Sporting Events

32. Student Club Elections

33. Student Club Social Media Stories

34. Student Club Training

35. Student Life Emporium 

36. Student Society Signage 

37. Themed frosh week

38. Traffic Light Party

39. Volunteer Opportunities

40. Weekly FCS Events 

41. Week of Welcome (Fall)

42. Winter Gala

Professional Development Progress
  1. Career Week

  2. Career Carousel Nights

  3. Career Focused Events

  4. Competition and Conference Trip funding 

  5. Cross Faculty Competitions

  6. Cross Program Competitions

  7. Cross University Competitions

  8. FCS Marketplace

  9. Free to Low Cost Printing and Plotting Services 

  10. Hive Packs Commuter Mentorship Program

  11. How to do interviews 

  12. How to eat formally 

  13. How to network

  14. International Student Mentorship Program

  15. Job Networking

16. Leadership Opportunities

17. LinkedIn Workshops

18. Low cost school supplies

19. Program Specific Career Fairs 

20. Skill Sharing Spaces

21. Social Innovation Projects

22. Student Community Association Funding

23. Student Course Union Funding

24. Student Interest Club Funding

25. Student Networking

26. Student Project Funding 

27. Student Social-Entrepreneurship

28. Textbook loaning program

29. Unity Card Program

Mental Health Progress
  1. Awards for Clubs

  2. Awards (financial) for students

  3. Basic CPR training

  4. Condoms and Lube box

  5. Craft making workshops 

  6. Cultural Events

  7. Emergency FCSS Student Relief Fund

  8. Equity Supports

  9. Fidget Toys

  10. Food Buffet for late classes during exams

  11. International Students’ Association

  12. International Students Events

  13. International Women's Day 

  14. Massage Therapy

  15. Mental Health Supports

  16. Movie Nights

  17. Natural ASMR Items

18. Naloxone Training 

19. Nap Pods

20. Paying for students who may be in difficult hardships due to health or family concerns.

21. Puppy Yoga

22. Stress Balls

23. Sustainabillity Council

24. Therapy Dogs

25. Therapy Cats

26. Weekly Painting Sessions

27. Wellness Supports

28. Wellness Week

29. Women's Health and Hygiene Products 

30. Work Culture Events

31. Work Culture Team Building

32. Yoga

33. Zumba 

Academic Advocacy Progress
  1. Academic Tips & Tricks

  2. Academic Equipment Loan Program

  3. Academic Skills Workshops

  4. Additional Course Help (Peer Tutoring)

  5. Deans Lists

  6. Interdisciplinary Conferences

  7. Inter-professional learning 

  8. Leadership Conference

9. More Student Recognition Awards

10. Paying for groups going to a Conference to person

11. Lunch and learns

12.  Recognition for Faculty

13. Showcases of your work throughout the year. 

14. Supports for Academic Appeal Process

15. Year End Showcase (YES FCS)

FCSS Offices + Student Spaces Progress Updates:
  1. Academic Collaborative Study Furniture 

  2. Academic Individual Study Furniture

  3. Banners in DCC on four concrete poles

  4. Belinda Bee's Honeycomb Creamery

  5. Bench Couches Side Tables for Laptops visioning and community consultation

  6. Birthing Room furniture upgrades

  7. Built-in tables with chairs implementation

  8. Club Offices Revitalizations

  9. Community Consultation on new Furiture Projects

  10. DCC Chair 101 Pilot

  11. FCS Student Lounge

  12. Garden Beds (themed and maintained by students)

  13. Hallway Corridor Benching along lockers visioning, and consultation

  14. Informational Signage Upgrades (TMU)

  15. Lounge re-distribution project

  16. Lounge furniture implementation in DCC Mezzaine

17. Lounge furniture upgrades in informal student spaces 

18. Lounge furniture upgrades in formal student lounge spaces

19. Mural Projects

20. Nap Pods Community Consultation and Visioning

22. Pennant Banners of Umbrella Clubs

23. Plotter Printer

24. Public Artworks

25. Praying Room Visioning

26. Student Informal Learning Space Upgrades (furniture and enhancements) visioning, and plan

27. Student Showcase Permanent Gallery

28. Student Society Offices

29. Student Society Umbrella Storage Rooms

30. Student Society Umbrella Clubs Offices

31. The Beehive Cafe and Living Lab Project Visioning

Golden Website 222..png

Changemakers of Tomorrow

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