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Our Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors move the official business of the entire Faculty of Community Services Society undergraduate student community at Toronto Metropolitan University. Each Executive Director has a specific portfolio they look after. At the same time, the School Directors and At-large Directors take part in the Executives' Portfolio committees and work on creating engaging programming within the Faculty. At-large Directors have portfolios that cater to a vital community, i.e., International Students and First Year Students. The Faculty of Community Services Society has support through our Dean's Office, Student Society Manager, Chairperson, Associate Deans, and Honorary Executive Director.

Commissioners are an essential part of our collegiate undergraduate experiences and take on important portfolios such as Sustainability, Equity, Diversity, and Community Inclusion, Athletics, and Public Art.

Our Executive Board 

Our School and At-large Directors

Our Supporters

Board of Directors Photos

FCSS Board Retreat 2023 with all TMU Societies
Muskoka Woods Training Hike 2023
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