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Governance Policy

The Faculty of Community Services Society is governed and supported by 22 documents that revolves around the community we provide as the student society that meets the needs of all Community Services students at Toronto Metropolitan University. The FCSS acts as the regulating body for the entire student life in FCS.


This governance doccument is the  procedures, goals, and laws of the operating Faculty of Community Services Society. 

The by-laws govern the internal relations of the Faculty of Community Services Society and set the framework for the organization to run. 


This policy outlines how affiliate clubs, interest clubs, activity committees, and course clubs operate collegially within the student society umbrella of the FCSS. 

This policy outlines how the student society is working towards a more green future, when it comes to resusing, reducing, education, and recycling. 

This policy outlines the student societies Equity, Diversity, and Community Inclusion framework in the Faculty of Community Services. 

This policy defines and outlines what academic advocacy is in the Faculty of Community Services Society, and how to use this tool.

Memorandum of Understanding Financial Agreement outlines the financial rules of the student society, university, and spending.

This policy outlines how elections for the student society operates, and runs. From nominations, to campaigning, and voting.

This policy outlines, and manages the communication of the student society in-terms of services, and priorities of events, and group marketing.

2022-2027 Strategic Plan

This 200 page policy outlines the goals, initiatives, and achievements the student society shall accomplish and do over the next five years.

The is policy outlines how the student society will purchase and make changes to student lounge and informal academic learning spaces within FCS.

This policy outlines the ettiquette of frosh that takes place every year by the sudent society through both frosh leaders, froshies, coordinators and staff.

This policy outlines the mental health priorities as student leaders in the umbrella of the student society and the board of directors of the society.

This policy outlines the event management of the student society itself in the process of organizing, and putting on engaging even.

This policy outlines how awards the student society has, give them out to students, student clubs, and course unions.

This policy outlines the way the student society does Robert Rules in our SAGM, AGM, CUPM, Board of Director and Executive Meetings.

This policy outlines the way the student society manages the office spaces we manage on campus, for the student society, and our clubs.

This policy outlines the way the student society reaches out to sponsors, what type of sponsors are allowed or not allowed.

Thanks to all former policy writers

Over the last six years, the Faculty of Community Services Society has expanded and built upon our governance documents, and our policies. Governance and policy documents will always change. We wanted to highlight all students who worked on our governance policies.

Daniel Barkin - Urban and Regional Planning

Arsh Braich - Nursing

Anette Boersma - Early Childhood Studies

Kennedy Byron - Social Work

Quianna Castro - Urban and Regional Planning

Jacob Circo - Urban and Regional Planning

Nishat Chowdhury - Nursing

Peter Chung - Social Work

Victoria Dao - Early Childhood Studies

Chelsea Davenport - Social Work

Elendri Govender - Social Work

Kevin Foradi - Urban and Regional Planning

Kyle Frame - Occupational Health and Safety

Kamrul Haleem - Public Health and Safety

Karen Haung - Public Health and Safety

Trinity Ho - Urban and Regional Planning

Katie Hucklebridge - Social Work

Rosina Isabella - Disability Studies

Kirthega Jeevanathan - Occupational Health and Safety

Nidhi Jose - Social Work

Zonash Khalid - Public Health

Fariha Kibria - Nutrition and Food

Keith Leung - Public Health and Safety

Derek O'Brein - Nutrition and Food

Evita Pinero - Occupational Health and Safety

Danny Rousianos - Social Work

Bridget Scalabrelli - Nursing

Suheilah Sharif - Nursing

Prasha Sivasundaram - Nursing

Kathy Staniszewski - Child and Youth Care

Sophie Virani - Midwifery

Kawsar Yassin - Midwifery

Official Statements

Current Statements

The Faculty of Community Services Society Equity Statement on inclusion of groups.

Archived Statements

The Faculty of Community Services Society released a statement on the Nigerian movement.

16 Student Clubs under the FCSS brought forward a motion to the Clubs Committee, that brought forward to the BoD on a satement in regards to the TMSU elections.


The Faculty of Community Services Society released a statement on Virtual Deans Office Orientation Goods.

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