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What is FCSS Frosh?

10th Annual FACULTY OF COMMUNITY SERVICES SOCIETY FROSH. Frosh is the most nostalgic opportunity of your university career! Frosh is a key stepping stone event that essentially is your last time to be a kid. 4 days of lively activities, competitions, self care, aesthetics, and night socials you will remember for a life-time! You'll meet new friends in your program, cross the Faculty of Community Services, and get to network with over 50+ upper-year students in the Faculty of Community Services. 


Faculty of Community Services Society (FCSS) Frosh is an important exclusive event designed by democratically elected Community Services students and the Frosh, Orientation, Spirit Committee (FCSS FOSC) for all incoming Community Services students coming onto campus for the first time in year one.


The Frosh is a week long stretching across 4 days themed to pop-culture each year. Frosh events range from passive to active, self care, academic, to social and competitions. Our faculty Frosh Week is the most memorable experience during your welcome on to University campus for the very first time. Faculty Frosh Weeks are designed for you to make life-long friendships, and get integrated into our faculty campus student life community by putting students into different Frosh Houses, completing activities together for a chance at winning the Frosh Cup.

 We are building community in:

  1. Urban and Regional Planning
  2. Social Work
  3. Public Health and Safety
  4. Nutrition and Food
5. Midwifery Education Program
6.Early Childhood Studies​
7. Disability Studies
8. Collaborative Nursing Program
9. Child and Youth Care 
10. Post Diploma Nursing
11. Occupational Health and Safety

These programs and schools together makeup the Faculty of Community Services which is a professional based health and community care faculty.

2023 FCSS Frosh Teasers

Academic Program Orientation and Frosh

The Academic Program Orientations are an intergral part of your orientation onto campus. A majority of the Academic Program Orientations are happening around our frosh week to ensure you get the full and same experience as everyone else in the many programs at the Faculty of Community Services. If you are in Social Work you will have to leave early in order to not miss the trip to Cherry Beach. For CYC students, a FCSS Member will lead you, and be a speaker at the CYC Orientation.

Communication on your programs Academic Orientation will be sent by your programs Academic Advisors. 

Find the Confirmed Academic Program Orientation Dates at

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