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Meeting Minutes

As this is the inaugural year of the Faculty of Community Services Society (FCSS), we are committed to posting meeting minutes for this term starting from May 1st, 2023 and into the future, which will be broadcast live on our website on this page. All Community Services students are members of the student society as of September 5th, 2023. 

Semi-Annuanl General Meeting & Annual Gerneral Meetings

Once a semester, the Faculty of Community Services Society (FCSS) holds a general meeting in the fall called SAGM, while in the spring, we host an AGM. Attached below are the meeting minutes from the last three General Meetings. 

Winter AGM

In this general meeting, the by-laws were overhauled to include school and at-large directors in the documents, with the motion passing also to change all documents that mention program directors to school directors, which included the constitution and election procedures policy. 

Fall SAGM  2022

No governance doccuments got amended at this SAGM. What did get approved was the winter election timelines for the 2023 general elections.

Winter AGM

In this general meeting all goverance and policy doccuments excluding the Academic & Advocacy Policy, Student Offices Policy, MUFA, and Event Management Policy were ratified by the FCSS board members as these four policies, and governance doccuments did not exist at the time.

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