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Student Life

Learn about the FCS Student Society Umbrella:

Providing everything you need to Get Engaged!

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Faculty of Community Services Society Board of Directors
The Board of Directors move the official business of student experience within the Faculty of Community Services at Toronto Metropolitan University. We control and manage a over half a million dollar operating budget that gets used by supporting student-led clubs, student spaces, student supports, and student events.
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FCSS ssl web (2000 × 1000 px).png
Student Society Committees
The student society has many committees that plan events, manage finance, and uphold our mandate and policies.
Student Society Services
The student society has many different types of services that support our undergraduate student experience.
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Create a Student Club

Any undergraduate member within the FCS may choose to create a student club. In order to create a club successfully in our umbrella we created a guide

that helps you follow the FCSS process.

Student Society Clubs

The FCSS has many student clubs under our umbrella that plan a mixture of professional development,

community impact, academic, and

networking events and initiatives.

Student Society Events

The FCSS and its many committees puts on lots of blockbuster events, and smaller events to ensure

student engagement within our community

is fun and meaningful.

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