Frosh Traditions 


Lab Coat

Lab Coats (referred to as “Coats”) are a tradition among many health faculty’s all across Canada. When we graduate and become professional urban health professionals, policymakers, planners, changemakers, healthcare specialists, teachers, and doctors, we often are the ones keeping the backbones of society afloat. To remember and respect the public health professionals, doctors, and scientists who created our collective community services fields we wear lab coats (and scrubs) to symbolize that the history of health is always evolving from the heart of us all. These coats will be seen far and wide during frosh, and at FCSS spirit related events. Lab coats are usually highly personalized and can often represent someone’s interests, community services experiences, and creativity quite well. 

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Silent Disco

A popular FCSS tradition is our annual silent disco rave during SLC Live! FCS Community Services students know how to party and we love to show off to the other faculty's how vibrant our nightlife can get. 

Make sure to wear Green, and Gold or our faculty merch to this event! 

Left Juice Bar

The Juice Bar

A Faculty tradition is The Juice Bar which may happen sporadically throughout an entire year!

The Juice Bar is a perfect spot to enjoy a refresher in class, or at an event. They tend to be at odd occasions so keep yours eyes pealed for this rare traditional find.

Right Juice Bar

Massage Therapy

A Faculty tradition is surprisingly Massage Therapy which may happen sporadically throughout an entire year or more closer to exams ;)!

Message therapy is a perfect de-stressor right before or after an exam to get you relaxed and get-rid of all your anxieties.

Student Sign-Up Sheets are on the day of (First-Come-First-Serve) Basis.


Frosh Cup

A Faculty tradition is the Annual Frosh Cup which is given out to the frosh house that earns the most points during the frosh week. The display trophy case will be updated with the winning team for the year diplayed to the entire student body.

Bee Hive Transparent

Faculty Mascot

The Faculty of Community Services Society has a Hornet Bee as our mascot. Welcome to our hive.

Bee Hive Transparent
Bee on a Daisy

Faculty Colours

The Faculty of Community Services Faculty colours are Green, Gold, and Navy. The Green resembles Community. The Navy Blue represents Determination and Optimism. The Gold represents Unity.

Bees at Work

Past FCSS Frosh Themes

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2022 - Phineas and Frosh

2021 - Toronto Under Construction Frosh

2020 - Coast to Coast Frosh

2019 - Community Frosh

2018 - Map it Frosh

2017 - Changemakers Society Frosh

2016 - Community BBQ

2015 - Community BBQ