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Budget 2023-2024

The Faculty of Community Services Society is committed to financial transparency as a student government, we have a variety of different transparent budget formats. The 2023-2024 budget is still in works, and a final budget will be live on our website in October.


The process for getting and abtaining funding as a student club located here.

This financial budget sheet gets updated bi-weekly. The top part of the sheet shows the income that the FCSS has through the different key stakeholders of the student society governemt. The bottom part of the budget sheet shows the big umbrella items we are funding and using the above income for.


Budget 2023-2024 Pie Chart

After the FCSS Board of Directors Vote on the Budget 2023-2024 the first week of October this will be updated with a pie chart. The FCSS crafts its budget by asking the Board of Directors, clubs and students what they want to fund, and see how we can ensure a balanced budget.


Budget 2023-2024 Q1 Statement

The FCSS does quarterly statements on our financial matters to showcase how much we spent per semesterly basis every three months. This is to showcase our commitment to financial transparency.

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