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FCSS General Elections 2024


All students interested in running must attend one of the five mandatory infromation sessions to be able to submit a nomination package. 

  1. Sunday March 17 | 9:30 a.m.

  2. Monday March 18 |10:30 a.m.

  3. Tuesday March 19 | 9:00 p.m.

  4. Wednesday March 20 | 9:00 p.m.

  5. Thuesday March 21 | 9:00 p.m.

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Election Package: All candidates should read the election package to get the full picture of the roles and responsibilities of each elected position. Candidates who succeed in majority vote from the elections must uphold all their duties as an official elected student leader on the Faculty of Community Services Society (FCSS). 

Election Timelines 

Application Nomination Period 
March 21-28, 2024


All-Candidates Meeting
March 29th |  PM Virtual Send a Proxy if you cannot make it. 

1:30-2:30 p.m.

Campaign Period
March April 3rd 12 a.m. to April 5th 5:30 p.m., 2024

Voting Days: 
April 3rd, 4th, 5th, 2024

Voting is being conducted on Qualtrics which is the university central electoral system.

About FCSS Elections

Faculty of Community Services Society (FCSS) is a student-elected society that represents over 6,000+ undergraduate students attending the Faculty of Community Services. We have a mission to unite students together within the 8 schools at the Faculty of Community Services, enabling them to be heard as one unified voice. FCSS also strives to develop community spirit within the Community Services student body through putting on events and initiatives uder our four pillars of Unity, Mental Health, Professional Development and Academic Advocacy. 

There are many responsibilities that the FCSS team has and you can read all of them in the By-Laws Short Descriptions which can be found at Please see below this for the nomination form, and vacancies.

Executive Roles are equivalent to 8 to12 hours a week. 

School and At-Large Director Roles are equivalent to 5 hours a week.

Elections are run by the Chief Returning Officer (Jacob Circo), who is appointed by the Board of Directors. The CRO can be reached at


 All Candidates MUST Attend ONE INFORMATION Session and the ALL CANDIDATES Meeting. You may send someone in your place to the All Candidates meeting or Info Sessions as a proxy but you must tell the CRO who will be attending in your place 24 hours in advance. Faliure to attend the meeting will result your candidacy to be rejected. 

The CRO will send out the Election Policies to the confirmed candidates. It is your responsibility to know this document as well as the Constitution and By-Laws, especially if you are elected.

Green Gradient

Open Positions to run in this election.


At-Large Directors

1. International Students At-Large Director

2. Indigenous Students At-Large Director

ED Openings

1. The Executive Director

2. ED Finance and Corporate Relation

3. ED Student Services

4. ED Events

5. ED Culture and Wellness

6. ED Communications and Marketing

7. ED Academics

School Director Roles

1. Child and Youth Care Director

2. Early Childhood Studies Director

3. Midwifery Education Director

4. Nursing Director

5. Nutrition Director

6. Occupational and Public Health Director

7. Social Work Director

8. Urban and Regional Planning 


1. EDCI Commissioner

2. Sustainability Commissioner


In this election Executives need 35 FCSS Member Nominators

In this election cycle School Directors need 20 FCSSS Member Nominators

In this election cycle At-Large Affiliate Director need 2 Member Nominators

Applications have to be submitted in via legible photo/or pdf prior to 11:59pm on March 28th, to the CRO at

ED Hiring Committee

As per the Faculty of Community Services Society (FCSS) By-laws and Election Procedures doccument The Executive Director, ED Finance, ED Student Services, and the ED Events must go through a hiring process. Each role has different thresholds to meet.

In order to run as The Executive Director you must have held one full year term of previous experience as the ED Finance and Corporate Relations or the ED Student Services.

In order to run for ED Finance, ED Student Services, or ED Corporate Relations you must have served one full year on the FCSS Board of Directors. 

In order to run as ED Events you must have had one full year on a student club or equivalent planning events, or taking part in events.

All the ED roles listed above have to submit a CV to

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