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Year One Resources

Find useful resources to help you start off your year one successfully! Whether you are straight out of high school, or coming in for your second or fifth degree. These rources will help you start your journey here at the Faculty of Community Services Society Undergraduate Community.

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FCSS Class of 2027 

Instagram Group

Here you can find peers in your year, find out more about our upcoming Frosh Week, events we will be hosting throughout the year. We can't wait to meet you all, and answer any additional questions you may have leading up to the start of your first year at the Faculty of Community Services Society undergraduate community.

FCSS Clubs and Services

We have FCSS recognized clubs, activity committeess, and services here to support your professional development, foster community, and foster social holistic wellbeing. The FCSS funds, and supports these clubs.

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FCSS Hive Packs

FCSS Hive Packs group first year students together from a similar geological location, similar interests, and studies with a upper year student mentor. Hive Packs have exclusive networking and socializing events throughout the year that foster to each group. 

FCS Student Connect

The FCS Student Connect is where you can find all the academic supports you may use throughout your years at the Faculty of Community Services. You will also be introduced to our former Dean, and other members of faculty. There are some helpful videos that can benefit your jitters attending in Ryerson's second largest faculty.

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