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What to do if you test Positive for COVID-19 on Campus

The steps below should be followed accordingly, and please do not come onto campus for yours, and everyone elses safety. This is copied and pasted information found on university website.


Advise your instructor/supervisor/program director immediately via email or other remote communication and do not return to campus. Follow all public health directives including self-isolation.


Please also complete Ryerson’s Self-Declaration form,


Academic considerations will be handled by your instructors/program. This includes uses of extensions, exam/quiz/test makeups, and lecture material notes.


After Public Health instructs you are safe to return to campus, please return to campus.

What's Considered an Outbreak?

An outbreak would be declared when two or more laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 cases with an epidemiological link are identified in the workplace, institution or school (e.g., same class, same work area, same shift or activity, etc.) within a 14-day period where both cases could have reasonably acquired their infection in the same space. 

In addition to the response protocol listed above, where an outbreak is declared, X University will follow all public health directives and consult with Toronto Public Health to determine:

  1. Any additional possible exposure on campus.

  2. If restrictions or closures of impacted facilities and activities are needed.

  3. Communication of any directives with impacted community members, students, staff and faculty.

  4. If additional cleaning and disinfecting is required.

  5. How to ensure continuity of teaching, learning and research.

  6. How to ensure the continuity of safe housing.

  7. Considerations for modifying other support services on campus.

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