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Election Results

Student Groups

Please Note: As the FCSS is transitioning into funding these student groups with over $10,000 budgets where traditionally these groups have operated on less than $1,000 budgets, the FCSS has made it clear to the CRO/DRO that all election reports shall be completed and posted by April 30th, 2023 via our website, for transparency and accountability for our student membership. 

Toronto Metropolitan Association of Planning Students

Early Childhood Studies CU


Nursing CU

Make sure to send your copleted form to the CRO: HERE


Please note each course union has different roles.

Student Society role in elections for student groups

Every Faculty-level Student Society on campus at Toronto Metropolitan University holds its recognized student group elections. We aim to ensure students have a fair, clean, equitable, and transparent process through all polls. 


In recent years student groups within FCS would not follow their constitutions and run their elections differently plus unfairly. Some would not even 'run' an election and move up the chain in their roles. They were favouring friends over actually representing their students. FCSS aims to ensure that all student groups have the same election process to ensure that accountability can occur. FCSS hires external staff or appoints un-bias studentes from different Faculties, and Programs at TMU to ensure this does not happen for our recognized student groups under the FCSS umbrella. 


Demerit Points, what are they?

For student group elections the FCSS has 5 strikes and you're out, type of system. Demerit Points are given for not following the rules of the election 'cheating'. We give five tries as we want to ensure everyone is on the same page, and understand that their course of action does have negative consequences if not followed appropriately. This year's election cycle saw the highest amount of cheating occur. It's your right as members to know what occurred in the elections. 

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