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Governance & Student Groups


Faculty of Community Services Society-FCSS has moved to in-person operations once again. Find us in our SHE 682 Office Monday to Friday.

Jacob Circo (Urban & Regional Planning)
Jacob Circo

Department Chair


Jacob is in his fourth year at the School of Urban and Regional Planning.

Fun Fact: I traveled across California.

Contact Info:

Shadow on the Wall
Zorian Smith

ED Administration and Operations


Zorian is your elected ED of Administration and Operations this year on the FCSS. 

Governance and Student Groups Committee

The Student Groups Committee shall coordinate shared efforts across course unions and student organizations to create an inclusive Faculty environment for all schools including: Child & Youth Care, Early Childhood Education, Midwifery, Nursing, Nutrition, Occupational Health and Safety, Public Health, Urban Planning and Social Work. The responsibility of this committee is to collaborate our efforts as a student-led organization
to help all students across the Faculty. Shall review FCSS policies, by-laws and the constitution on a regular basis by following the policy review schedule that can be found in the Governance Procedures. Any amendments to existing policies, by-laws and the constitution or new policies put forward by the committee shall be approved by the Board of Directors through a two-third majority vote;


Governance and Student Groups Member

Joanna Eaton


Joanna is in her second year in the Midwifery Education Porgram. Joanna is your elected MEP Director this year on the FCSS.

Hayden Poon

Governance and Student Groups Member


Hayden is in his fourth year in the Urban and Regional Planning Porgram. Hayden is your elected SURP Director this year on the FCSS.

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