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Community Health

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Community Services Counselling

TMU Student Health and Wellbeing

Maria Chaparro | Ph.D C.Psych

Clinical Psychologist, 

Counsellor for Student Health and Wellness

Expertise: Personal counselling; Group counselling

Are you a FCS student in need of counselling? The easiest and quickest way to access counselling on campus is to contact the Centre for Student Development and Counselling (CSDC) either by phone (416-979-5195) or in person (JOR-06).

As the FCS counsellor, I am part of the CSDC centralized appointment system, and thus, provide counselling with scheduled clients and not on a drop-in basis.

Hard Feelings Toronto

Location: 353 Church Street, Toronto, ON M5B 0B2

A local innovative low cost short term councelling, and mental health service.

Join Hard Feelings, for their community support workshops, reading club, self-care, and study needs.

Beach Deck


TMU Counseling Services

Centre for student development and counseling.


Student mental health support created by students.

Member Services Office

TMAPS105 semesterly bursary for part-time degree and Chang School students.

Community Resources

Resources for different Toronto Food Banks, and community resources in Toronto for part-time degree students.

Canadian Mental Health Association

Physical & mental health program


TMU wellness and mental health program.

Wellness Products

Financial Resources

TMAPS105 Emergancy Grant

The TMAPS105 emergency grant is not intended to pay course tuition fees, ancillary fees, or course text books.

Eligibility for Emergency Grant:

  • Applicants must be enrolled in a part-time degree, continuing education, or distance education course during the term of their application for a grant.

  • The applicant must demonstrate serious, emergency financial need due to unexpected circumstance that has recently occurred and is beyond their control.

  • Typically grants are awarded on medical and compassionate grounds, such as in cases of serious illness, death of a family member, eviction, and layoffs, to name a few.

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