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Candidates | #FCSSVOTES2023

Here are the Candidates who have successfully garnered the signature requirments to run in this years elections.

Executive Director Board
Daniel Barkin

Daniel Barkin

The Executive Director

Zonash Khalid.jpg

Zonash Khalid

ED Finance + Corporate



Sanja Neretljak

ED Events

Nun Nil.JPG

Nil Nun

ED Communications

marie osilla.jpg

Marie Ysabelle Osilla

ED Culture and Wellness

Program Director Board
Jasmine Josson.JPG

Jasmine Josson

Collaborative Nursing

Program Director


Rosina Isabella (Rosie)

Disability Studies

Program Director

fcss votes blank profile.png

Emanuel Tessema

Nutrition and Food

Program Director


Jessica Maria Varghese

Social Work

Program Director

Jerry Leung.jpeg

Jerry  Leung

Urban & Regional Planning

Program Director

At-Large Director Board
Bennie Leung.jpg

Bennie Leung

International Student

At-large Director

Emmanuel Loveson.png

Emmanuel Loveson

Placement & Co-op Student

At-large Director

May By-Election vacancies:
Executive Directors Board
ED Academics
ED Administration and Operations
Program Directors Board
Child and Youth Care Director
Early Childhood Studies Director
Midwifery Education Director
Occupational Health and Safety Director
Post Diploma Degree Director
Public Health Director
Three reasons to run in May?
  1. All FTE students now pay a $60.00 levy into the operations of this collegial student activity government. 
  2. Represent your entire student body on the board that manages and controlls where this $400,000+ money goes.
  3. Make lasting impact on your undergraduate community by giving back to your peers.

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